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Aum Dacro Coatings is a Dip-Spin Coating unit for "DACROMET COATING" & "GEOMET COATING" of Automobile Parts at Gurgaon, Haryana (India) in Technical Collaboration with M/s. Nippon Dacro Shamrock Co. Ltd, Japan, through their Indian Arm M/s. Grauer & Weil (I) Limited.

Dacro Coating & Geomet Coating is a surface treatment system with solution provided by M/s. Nippon Dacro Shamrock Co. Ltd, Japan.

"DACROMET & GEOMET" is technologically advanced and environment friendly and is being used in many industries throughout the world, such as Automobile, Engineering, Electrical Appliances, Shipping, Railways, Mining, Process Industry, Military etc. since a very long time.

Advantages over conventional plating system

It is applied by a three stage process:

1. Surface Preparation
2. Coating
3. Curing.....

Dacromet & Geomet Products offers several advantages such as better adhesion, completely free from hydrogen embrittlement, heat resistance, pollution free process, overall coverage, resistance to organic products ......

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